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Home Cleaning

Going the extra mile for our customers'

ASF Cleaning Ltd understand how important professional cleanings are and assess properties for tenants moving out of their apartments or businesses that want their properties clean for new tenants moving in.  We also do our best to ensure tenants have their full deposit returned, as our team of experience professionals goes the extra mile to complete all type of cleaning within realise the importance of various kind of properties in London, South, Central, Kent, South East.

Making sure our team gives you the best services

All of our work is driven by ensuring our customers are satisfied.  Therefore, whether it's a private individual, landlord or an estate agent, ASF Cleaning Ltd understand your needs and will complete the job to our highest standards.

Please note that all of our cleanings that we undertake, pictures are taken before and after each jobs.  Therefore, all of our customers will receive pictures of the jobs when they are completed.  Although, we aim to get the job done properly the first time, please rest assure should something not done right, we will get things sorted to ensure our customers are satisfied with our work. Book a service here!

Cleaning the Counter

Creating a clean and healthy Environment

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