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Oven Cleaning

Properties & End of Tenancy Cleaning for Businesses

ASF Cleaning Ltd offers businesses a great price, when having a  contract cleaning services with us, which can be delivered on a rolling monthly contract or longer-term contract to ensure businesses receive the best price that will be available. 

Our contract cleaning for businesses offer clients a great peace of mind to ensure that all aspects of our cleaning service is delivered and we will endeavour to exceed their expectations, with our professional staff with fully managed service.  Nevertheless,  we may implement our additional services on a periodical within our contract at an agreed and secured price.  Therefore, our business clients will have no hidden costs. 

ASF Cleaning Ltd Vision

ASF Cleaning Ltd, vision is to create a clean and healthy working environment that will improve and maintain the levels of cleanliness and hygiene within your buildings but also strive to provide a guaranteed service for our business clients.  

Our business cleaning contracts for residential and end of tenancy cleaning include the following;


  • Oven Cleaning 

  • Cleaning of one upholstery double sofa 

  • Cleaning of one chair 

  • Cleaning of one rug 

  • Fridge

  • Washing machine

  • Cupboards

  • Wardrobe

  • Dusting - TV Stand/ lamp/ bedside table etc. 

  • Hoovering and wiping the floors

  • Bathroom - showers/bath/face basin & toilets

  • Windows inside only

 Please note that our business cleaning contract pricing will be vary and it depend on the type of cleaning that will be required for the type of apartment and cleaning that is required.  Nevertheless, the price for businesses will be one fixed price across the board, should you take up a contract with us.  Also, the above information for our residential and end of tenancy cleaning for our business contract, is based on a full package for cleaning as our standard business cleaning contract does not include cleaning for any upholsteries/rugs.   

 At ASF Cleaning Ltd, aim is to focused on the service we provide for our customer, and ensure we get your cleaning right the first time as we serve our clients.  The team is very passionate about the levels of service that we deliver from every angle and to all our business and private customers.  Regular checks are done at the end of a cleaning to ensure high standard of cleanliness and hygiene are provided consistently for all our customers.

 Want to know more? Contact us on the information below and see how best we can work out a package that will be suitable for your business.  We are here to help. Contact us at to discuss business rates.

Moving Out Cleaning

Creating a clean and healthy Environment

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